How To Cook The Perfect Spanish Rice In 20 Minutes?

Making lunch is really a big deal if you are stay at home mom and you cook every day. That means that you will need a lot of imagination to figure out what to cook every single day and not make the same food repeat in a week. Our idea of cooking Spanish Rice is really cool. You know why? Because it takes less then 20 minutes to prepare this food. If you avoid eating bread, you can combine it with fresh salad, which is really good combination.

So let’s see the recipe:

You will need :

-cooking oil- or olive oil (it’s your choice).

-one chopped onion

-spices (pepper, salt, dried vegetable spice)

-frozen vegetable mix

-2 cups of rice

-4 spoons of tomato sauce

First, we add the chopped onion in the hot oil in the tray, We cook it until it gets golden color. After that, we add the 2 cups of rice and we also put the spices in there. We cook it a little and then we add the frozen vegetable (usually carrots, corn, peas). We cook it for a few minutes and at the end we add the tomato sauce. We mix these ingredients really good and in the end we add 0.5 liter of water. We put lid over the tray and we lower the temperature of the stove to the middle intensity. We let the rice cook for about 20 minutes (until the water disappears). After that, it is ready to eat!

Bonn appetite!