“ANTOINE DIET” – up to 10 pounds less in just one week

Do you need a fast, but effective diet that will help you to reduce your excess weight?

For the ultimate and most enduring here is the Antoine diet.

This is a type of diet whose variations you may have already heard before and know the effects from time to time.

But the rules are so simple to remember and there is almost no chance to make a mistake in the daily menu.

At the same time, this diet does not require too long or exhaustive planning that will take too much time and money.

ANTOAN diet – basic version
Every day, only one type of food is eaten and nothing else. There is no limit to the food you enter during the day. Here are all recommendations for this diet.

Here’s what the weekly menu looks like:

1 day – Meat (any type of meat, you can mix several different types, for example, veal, chicken, pork and spice it according to taste)
2 day – Dairy products (milk, young cheese, sour milk, yogurt, kefir)
3 day – Vegetables
4 day – Fish (any types, according to taste)
5 day – Fruit
Day 6 – Eggs
Day 7 – Claim full-fat cheeses and cheese
Meat, fish and eggs are prepared in all possible ways, but the recommendation is to avoid fried. Give them the advantage of digestion, spinning, cooking steam or baking.

The same goes for vegetables. You should increase the intake of water, or as much as recommended for your weight, add at least 10% to that amount of water.

How does a diet work and how healthy it is?
Eating the same food every day, you actually become more satisfied and reduce the amount of food you enter, and consequently the number of calories. In addition, the body is forced to “reset” every 24 hours, which means that the metabolism is additionally accelerated, which affects weight loss.

This diet is held for 7 days and you can expect to lose up to 5 kg (of course, this depends mostly on your starting weight).

However, expect that in most cases you will lose the excess water and accumulated substances in your intestines, but the body will fade, if you have swelling, they will withdraw and you will experience significant changes.

You can practice your diet in several periods of the year, for example once or twice every year. Although foods are distributed throughout the day, the diet includes carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

If you are coffee lovers, you can drink up to 2 small cups per day, of course, unsweetened, or without sugar. The same goes for tea.