With 5,000 calories per day to an amazing body – does Blake Horton have the magic formula for weight loss?

The story of excess pounds starts when Blake has turned 30 years old. He worked in a sales department and decided that it was high time to lose weight.

“I physically looked bad. I was simply not happy. I was singing a single, overweight and I had to make a change. I lost 27 kg somewhere in the middle of the diet, but I felt miserable, eating small meals throughout the day. I was always hungry. “

While most of the fitness fanatics are sticking to a chicken cooked with steam and a handful of broccoli, Blake refused to fit into this diet. If you take a look at photos and videos, you will realize that it brings massive meals with thousands of calories.

The secret of his weight loss and weight maintenance? Blake eats only once a day.

It follows the popular diet, called “flexible dieting”, which means a “clever” meal in which you need to calculate the daily intake of the three major MACRO nutrients – proteins, fats and carbohydrates according to your proportions.

Blake combines this flexible diet with the key weight loss factor – “intermittent fasting” or intermittent fasting, which means eating meals at certain hours of the day and no nibbling in between.

Blake is in the last phase of the intermittent fasting – the Warrior stage, which contains only 1 meal a day, which he prefers to eat at night, usually sometime after midnight until 2 am.

“I remember one evening I stood in the kitchen and asked myself – is it necessary to have abdominal muscles? My friends would call me out to go to 22 o’clock, and I did not have any more available calories for consumption.

I could not go out, drink and have fun and I said, “No, I will stay at home.” I stared at the watch in anticipation of the next meal. I was constantly hungry. “

Discovering the intermittent fasting combined with the proper consumption of Macro nutrients, Blake also discovered the secret of attenuation.

In his hedonistic gastronomic adventure, his girlfriend Jenny Giraldo – Big Jenny also joined, and you can often see them sharing common giant meals at Instagram late at night.

“I’m much happier now. People think that I constantly ‘kick’ in the gym, but I do not practice during the summer period. I usually practice outside and eat less than before. Studies show that I am healthy and get the necessary nutrients.

I believe that food intake is best done at night, a rule that originated from prehistoric times when men were hunters. You stay at night, and the food is digested while you rest or sleep. “

Some of Blake’s and Jenny’s favorite meals are lasagna sandwich, banana hot dog and other colorful meals with plenty of supplements.

“People think I’m eating unhealthy foods and maybe it looks like that, but magic is in nutrients and nutrients. I want to be inventive and put in a variety of foods.

I’ve been doing this for more than 5 years and know what works. I show people that they do not have to be miserable in order to lose the extra pounds. “

Many were encouraged to try out his “diet,” eating just one huge meal a day at the precise time, without any other meals in the remaining 23 hours.

The hashtag #TheBlakeDiet is reserved for them. A large part, on the other hand, speculates that this type of diet is too unhealthy and is not known about the consequences that it will show on the body and health years later.